seminar Tomasz Łysek

The lecture deals with modern methods of designing electroacoustic devices.

Dear All,

You are cordially invited to the seminar of the Department of Acoustics which will be held in hybrid mode on January 16, 2024. at 11:30 a.m. in the Prof. Szczepan Szczeniowski Auditorium, along with a broadcast on MS TEAMS.
The paper will be delivered by Mr. Tomasz Lysek, M.Sc., a graduate of Poznan University of Technology, electronics engineer.
The seminar is co-organized by the Poznan Branch of the Polish Acoustical Society.

Title: Design of electroacoustic devices in practical terms

The lecture deals with modern methods of designing electroacoustic devices, such as passive crossover systems of loudspeakers and electronic systems of active subwoofers. The lecture content will also present a new method for electronic reduction of nonlinear distortion in low-frequency magneto-electric (dynamic) loudspeakers.

“Tomasz Lysek, M.Sc. is a graduate of the Poznan University of Technology. By day he lives and works in Września as an electronics engineer. His research interests focus on the design, construction and assembly of electronic circuits, such as tube amplifiers, transistor amplifiers, electrical filters, radio receivers, generators and wobulators.

Andrzej Wicher