Seminarium Katedry Akustyki mgr Khobaib Khobaib

Zapraszamy na seminarium Katedry Akustyki
we wtorek 27 kwietnia 2021r. o godzinie 11.30.
Prelegent: mgr Khobaib Khobaib. Afiliacja: Katedra Akustyki, Wydział Fizyki UAM
Tytuł: Mechanical and rheological properties of particle-covered droplets in an electric field

Nagranie wykładu:

Streszczenie referatu:Particles of micrometer size can strongly adhere to the interface of a droplet, forming either clusters of particles or a particle shell on droplet’s surface. Droplets with surface particles are used in basic research, e.g., as model systems for mimicking the physical properties of red blood cells, for studying particle crystal growth and ordering, as well as particle layer buckling on curved interfaces. Droplets that are very densely covered with particles constitute Pickering emulsions, and can be used to produce particle capsules and novel adaptive structures. In many research areas, knowledge of the stability and mechanics of an individual particle-covered droplet is essential, e.g., for the efficient fabrication of Pickering emulsions, for designing emulsions with controlled stability, and in general, for the further development of the abovementioned research fields.
In our laboratories, we study the influence of the addition of particles to the droplet’s surface on the droplet’s mechanical and rheological properties. In this seminar, I will demonstrate: (i) how surface particles affect droplet’s deformation (transient and steady-state) under compressive stress and droplet’s relaxation when the stress is reduced; (ii) how surface particles can be assembled and structured at droplet interfaces; (iii) how the droplet geometry and size, as well as particle size and electric field strength affect the deformation and yielding of arrested non-spherical Pickering droplets; and (iv) how electric field strength affect the wrinkling and crumpling of particle shells.